Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good Morning!
I hope you had a fantastical weekend!
I have to tell you my morning is already filled with STRESS. I'm thinking a virtual coffee will help settle me down.
Yesterday I got a missed call from my lender and an email telling me that we need to take care of some things. YIKES. That sent my stomach up right thru my throat. Apparently the underwriter of my loan took away some of my reported income which throws off my ratios and puts my loan in harms way. I think we got everything figured out but I definitely have the BGs.
What's stressing you this Monday morning?

I don't normally do two post in one day ... but when I do I hope you read/comment on them both! My second post today is a book review on What She Left Behind. Check it out.
What are you reviewing/reading this week?
Last week I had a work event that I was DREADING to go to but it ended up being REALLY fun. It was the August Social - Lobster bake. I OF COURSE had to take my Lobstah Selfie:

Don't you love when things turn out better in real life than what you imagined in your mind?

I survived my babysitting gig this weekend. My friend Stephanie asked me to babysit even before she gave birth to her little guy. I have been nervous for weeks! I had never watched a 1 month old before but he was a good little guy and we both made it out in good shape (thanks to my mom tagging along and for helping me!).
Do you want me to come over and watch your little one? LOL.
I have stress and anxiety running thru my body - head to toe. I hope I make it thru this week in one piece.
Any tips on how to relieve some stress?

I hope you have a great week and thanks for having coffee with me!


  1. I wish you the best with your home buying, and that everything will go smoothly. :)

  2. I hope everything settles down and turns out ok. There are always bumps in the road with the home buying process, so this is just yours. It'll be ok!
    Love your lobstah selfie! haha and I love you@!!