Monday, September 15, 2014

30 Things : #16 - 5 Greatest Accomplishments

In continuation of my 30 Things Journey...I've made it to number 16.
16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?
This is tough.  I don't think I've accomplished very much so far in this life.
But I'll try to pick 5 things that maybe aren't so great.
Running my first (and only) marathon UNDER 5 Hours.

Finishing a Sprint-Triathlon. And mind you - when I signed up for it I didn't own a bike nor did I know how to swim.

Winning President's club in 2013 therefore earning a trip to Cabo in 2014!
Meeting and Maintaining some wonderful friendships/relationships over the past 31 years.

What's one of your great accomplishments?

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  1. I think these are all wonderful accomplishments--and I'm especially happy about number 4! :) I'd say one of your accomplishments is being so good at crocheting! It's definitely a talent :)
    I saw your' audiobooking Unbroken--how are you liking it??

  2. Nice job on all of these! I've always wanted to do a triathlon but I hate swimming! Did you enjoy it?? Maybe I'll give it a try at some point down the road.