Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Fave Pins to Get Me Organized...hopefully.

HEY HEY HEY!  I've been back on my Pinterest kick the past few days looking up organizational ideas for my move (that will happen eventually....hopefully...prayerfully). 
Here are my top five LOVES that I hope I will do in my next place:
LOVE this idea. I typically wear the same jewelry over and over again (usually whatever is on top of the jewelry box because that's just easier) but I think this would encourage me to wear different pieces. I'd do this on one of the walls in a WIC. Looks relatively easy to make too. Win-Win.
I absolutely - hands down - HAVE to do this once I get settled. I can barely open my drawers now because they are so crammed with cooking utensils.  The only thing is I don't have a woodcutterthingymajig so that may complicate things a bit but I will figure it out somehow.
If I have enough extra drawers I'd like to do this. I think it'll be much easier to access my spices then having to stand on chair and trying to see into my cabinet over the stove. This is neat and tidy and easy to access!
Now this I can do! I already have some of these clear containers, I'll just need to fill them up...with some yummy useable things!
I think I will opt out of having a fridge and just getting this wine organizer. It would make my life so much easier.

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  1. These are all great--esp that wine and coffee dispenser (I had that pinned to my "dream home board" too).
    For the spices, you should get these organizers that hang on the inside of your cabinet doors. We have them and it's made looking for spices so much easier. I feel like if it's in a drawer, in just their bottles, you'll still be pulling them all out to see what's what. Just a suggestion :) Happy friday!