Monday, September 22, 2014

Q: What Are My Dreams Telling Me??! A: That I'm CRAZY!

Do you ever look up your dreams? 
Lately I've been having some crazy dreams and I believe they have some sort of secret meaning.
{dream 1}
the weekend before I flew to Florida I had a dream that Southwest Airplanes (the transportation line of my choice) were falling out of the sky - and if they weren't falling out of the sky they were flying super low.
In the dream I remember watching other people trying to help the victims from the flight but there was some guy out there shooting all the people that were helping the crash victims. THEN (this is the moment your heart starts racing and you pray you wake up) the shooter saw me witnessing the murders and he came after me.
THAT'S when I woke up.
What does this mean!??!!?
Well according to To dream that a plane crashes suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself.  Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

{dream 2}
I can't remember the build up but I just remember being with a couple of girls (I think friends) and there was some crazy person coming after us with a gun ready & wanting to shoot us. We were all hiding in a closet - like 3 of us hiding under clothes and blankets in the closet looking out the slots to see when this maniac was coming.
What does this mean!?
According to Dreammoods (my go-to): To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You may be feeling victimized in some situation.
{dream 3}
Last dream I had was about elephants. I was watching the elephants walk by tail to trunk. And I remember very vividly the baby elephants were drinking their mother's milk.
What does this mean?!?
Again, according to Dreammoods: To see an elephant in your dream indicates that you need to be more patient or more understanding of others. Or perhaps there is a memory that you are holding on to for too long. You need to let go of the past. The elephant is also a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Alternatively, the elephant's introverted personality may be a reflection of your own personality. In particular, if you see a white elephant, then it symbolizes royalty.

 What are my dreams trying to tell me?!
Apparently, I need to go seek out my therapist because there's a lot going on in my subconscious mind. 
What do you think?
What do you dream about?


  1. Thats really scary--I hate having scary dreams like that. At least the elephants one was more calm. I think the only person who can answer this question for you (as you whether it means something) is you...since you know whats going on in your life. DOES it make sense?? :)

  2. Wow - that is a scary a** dream. At first I thought it was because this stuff happened in real life and you were just reliving it, but what Dreammoods says makes sense too. I think talking to your therapist would be good. And no - you're not crazy. :)

  3. I have crazy dreams ALL the time too! My latest scary one is that I was FINALLY visiting New York and all of a sudden we were getting bombed. :-( I hope you have happier dreams! This reminds me of something I dreamt last night that I was going to research and I must have fallen back asleep because I don't remember it now! Hopefully it will come back to me...