Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I Did With the WIPs I'm Never Going To Finish... #BombSquad

If you're anything like me you probably have A TON of incomplete projects. I have a project stashed in the closet, one in the coat area, one under the table, one under the bed.....
oh wait....CORRECTION...I HAD multiple stashes. 
I got rid of them know what? I feel good about it!

I packed them up and shipped them off to Santa Barbara to the YarnBomber!

Do you follow this guy on Instagram? If not - you should! It's really neat to see all the pieces people send to him from all over the world and what he does with them.  According to his Instagram he has 459 fiber artists, from 38 countries and all 50 US States...and now I'm one of them!!

Woohoo to the shout out!
and goodbye to these projects I never planned on finishing:

Have you ever taken part in a Yarn Bomb?
What do you do with the WIPS you know you'll never finish?


  1. Thats a cool idea! Do you get to see what he does with them when he's finished??

  2. Great idea Trish. It will be cool to be able to see your projects in his finished yarn bomb. :)