Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day 1

Hello Hello!
I just found a cute little challenge that Taylor is doing over at Crochet Adventures so I thought I'd join in! 
Day #1: First Project
Oh. Gosh. I can't remember what my first project even was!
I do know it had to be something from this book (not this edition but very similar):
This is how I learned how to crochet!
Wish I was blogging back then because I'd be able to remember!
How about you?
What was your first crochet project?

1. First Project
2. Last Completed Project
3. Current WIPs
4. Red*
5. Favorite Hook Size
6. Least Favorite Hook Size
7. Orange*
8. Favorite Yarn
9. Least Favorite Yarn
10. Yellow*
11. Do You Have a Shop? (If So, Post a Link!)
12. Favorite Knitting/Crochet/Yarn Shop?
13. Green*
14. Blue*
15. Purple*
16. Closest Holiday*
17. Last Gift Made
18. Current WIPs
19. Pink*
20. Favorite Item Made
21. Least Favorite Item Made
22. Brown*
23. How Long Have You Been Crocheting?
24. Favorite Stitch
25. White*
26. Amigurumi*
27. Favorite Crochet Book
28. Grey*
29. Black
*On this day create something in given theme/color!


  1. I threw my first project away... lol I'm participating, and I created a link party, so others who want to participate can join in and make new crocheting blogger friends. :-)

  2. I just LOVE your idea... I am SO doing this.... I'm in!!!