Saturday, October 25, 2014

30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day18 - Current Wips

Day 18 - Current WIPS
Well - not much has changed since Day3 when I shared with you my current WIPS (except I DID finish my pinks&white ripple blanket - check out the pics HERE).
And I've since completed two shawls (pics HERE & HERE).

Since I just shared these projects with you a couple weeks ago and not much has changed - I'm going to share with you how my projects live when I'm NOT working on them. 
WIP ONE - Tunisian Crochet Blanket:
yes. it's all balled up beside my bed waiting to be worked on ... next to a suitcase that I have yet to put away in storage.
I was motivated to add more rounds to this blanket. I think I got about 3 rounds in the last two weeks.
It's at the point where it's taking almost one whole skein to finish one round - and it's not near where I want it to be in size yet. With it being $5.49 per skein I imagine this is going to end up costing me a pretty penny (it adds up quickly!). But it'll be worth it I think.
WIP TWO - Purples Hexagon Blanket:
at least this one is semi-folded and stored in a box in my living room.
I still haven't ordered the yarn I need to complete this (or to even join these hexagons) but I did pick up my hook and I'm starting to just stock pile the hexis. That way when I do order the yarn I need I can start joining again.
WIP THREE - Crochet Mood Blanket:
I keep this one jammed into a plastic container - which I opened up to give you a shot of. the calendar is usually present on my coffee table.
Uh. Yeah. I haven't even looked at this in weeks - I have at least been updating my calendar with my moods everyday. Which counts for something...right?
What blanket should I concentrate on and finish first? Last time everyone suggested the ripples and I did!
30 Day Crochet Challenge:
1. First Project | 2. Last Completed Project | 3. Current WIPs | 4. Red* | 5. Favorite Hook Size | 6. Least Favorite Hook Size | 7. Orange* | 8. Favorite Yarn | 9. Least Favorite Yarn | 10. Yellow* | 11. Do You Have a Shop? (If So, Post a Link!) | 12. Favorite Knitting/Crochet/Yarn Shop? | 13. Green* | 14. Blue* | 15. Purple* | 16. Closest Holiday* | 17. Last Gift Made | 18. Current WIPs | 19. Pink* | 20. Favorite Item Made | 21. Least Favorite Item Made | 22. Brown* | 23. How Long Have You Been Crocheting? | 24. Favorite Stitch | 25. White* | 26. Amigurumi* | 27. Favorite Crochet Book | 28. Grey* | 29. Black | 30. RANDOM!
*On this day create something in given theme/color!

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