Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee {Virtual Coffee}

Gooood Morning Ladies!
How was your weekend?
Are you in the mood for some Monday Morning (afternoon/evening - whenever) coffee?
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[sip one] - work:
So I'm still plugging away and I'm still in the negative. I did manage to sell one of the thingys we're having a contest on - which means my name gets entered into the drawing to win the trip to Cancun next year. Wouldn't it be amazing if I won with just one minor entry? Like Primrose got her name drawn out of the thousands of other names. She won. Sorta. Right? How's work going for you?
[sip two] - where to start:
So. I need to get my stuff together and start packing. My lease ended in August and now that I'm month to month with my apartment community and they jacked my rent up an additional $360 per month. I plan on moving before the end of the year - but I feel like I should start doing something with my stuff. Where do I start? I did go through some of my clothing and have about 3 trash bags worth of clothes to donate.  Where should I start? Or should I just wait until a couple weeks before I actually move instead of stressing so far in advance?
[sip three] - me likey:
Do you ever go on Houzz? I really like that site. It's such an escape for me to read the posts and look at all the pretty-pretty pictures. My go-to search is "small spaces". I need ideas on what to do with my teeny tiny space (I think my apartment now is less than 600 square feet).  What website/app do you use to escape your normal thoughts?
[sip four] - pinterest:
This stuff made me giggle (and outright laugh):



[sip five] - confession:
Last week I ate fruit loops with marshmallows for breakfast every day (well...except Friday...only because I ran out. Had to go with an cinnamon raisin english muffin was a sad day).
I have to confess - this cereal is SO good. Should I feel guily? I feel like I should...but at least I was having breakfast. Right? What's your AM guilty pleasure?

What's going on in your world?  Have a sip or two with me and leave me a comment below (or link me back to your blog so I can read and sip along with you).


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  1. You should definitely start organizing, getting rid of stuff, etc now. You will be SO STRESSED come move time, it will be nice to feel ready for it. Definitely take advantage of this time you have now!
    I've just started looking out Houzz (mainly through pins from Pinterest) and it's fun! So many things to dream about :)

  2. Ok - seriously, I got so happy when I saw your update in my inbox!!! Here's my 2 cents: Organize now... that way you can do it in your own timing! $360!!! are you kidding??!!?? That is Outrageous!!!
    Fruit Loops with Marshmallows? Sounds DE-licious!! (but probably not the best thing for your body!!)

    Love having coffee with you on Monday mornings!!

  3. Oh goodness! The struggle of packing and moving is SO real! I have been going through it this past month and I am SO over it! Good luck to you with that.

    As for the cereal, YUM and I will most definitely be picking up a box for myself!
    Have a great week girl.

  4. Pack a little every day if you can. Even if it's just one or two boxes, it will give you such a head start. Also, $360 more per month?!? EEK!