Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good Morning (Afternoon or Evening or Whenever you choose to read this)!
How about some Monday Morning Virtual Coffee?
Go get your cuppa joe. I'll wait.
[sip one] - CONFESSION:
My team earned a free day off last week (which was AWESOME. I only have 2 hours of vacation left until February 2015 so any free time off I can get...I'll take!). So I had a loooong wonderful weekend. My confession is I spent about 50 of the 72 hours in bed. Seriously. I wasn't sick or anything. I just literally laid in bed. I did leave the house to get food and I did make a trip to get groceries but that's all. Are you judging me? Is that terrible?
[sip two] - PROGRESS:
While in bed I did manage to make some progress on this beauty:

I started this last year and it's suppose to be for Troy (hence the colors - Kappa red) and he requested a blanket with "no holes" (aka no granny squares for him!). Then I said this is our "room blanket". I always change this from being "his" blanket to "our" blanket. LOL. I am determine to finish this blanket. He also asked that it be extra king size - it'll probably take me another year to finish. Do you take forever to finish certain projects? And do you go between making something for someone and then wanting to keep it for yourself - or am I just selfish?

[sip three] - FINISHED:
I finished the audiobook of Dark Places this weekend. OMG - it was really good. I'll do a teaser and review tomorrow - so come back to read what I think about it (besides it being good).
What are you currently reading? Is it good?

[sip four] - OhStitch!
After texting with Marie about something we saw on livingsocial she suggested that I see if "OhStitch" was an available handle for my business - so I checked twitter - and it was (I also snagged the name on instagram but I'm not sure if I'm going to use that yet...)!
So I have a new handle for all my crochet related tweets. Please follow me HERE if you're on twitter. I'm up to 8 whole followers! Are you a twitter user? Leave me your handle and I'll follow you!

[sip five] - Work:
I have NO sales on the board for November. I've finally managed to have a positive month in October (after 3-4 months of being in the negative prior to that) and now it looks like I'll be back in the negative. I had a really great start to the year and now it looks like my 4th quarter is going to be a disastrous. ugh. How are things going for you at work?
How's your coffee?
What's going on in your world?


  1. I think sometimes you need a weekend of laying in bed. And you made progress on a book and that blankets, so at least you were productive!!

  2. A good day off can do wonders for the soul. Who cares how you spent it as long as it was how you wanted and needed to do it.
    Love that the blanket goes from being his to "ours" lol. Hopefully work picks up for you--I know how hard it is when you're in the negative!

  3. Love, love, love the red afghan. I am very intrigued with the stitch - I have looked at that stitch for quite some time - but haven't "ventured out". Love your color choices.... keep working....
    Can't wait for the review on the book - I don't read much - but, I LOVE to listen to audio books.
    Thanks for the ideas....

  4. Hooray for vacay! haha love that first image... but mine would be a tea cup :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!

  5. I love big cups, too! I have some that my husband calls "cup bowls," and I use them for soup, cereal, oatmeal, etc. And I'm loving your red, black, and white blanket!