Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Virtual Coffee

Good Day You!
I'm in the mood for a coffee break - are you interested in joining me?
I'm really loving my current audiobook - Unbroken. It's SO good. I have about 2 hours left to go before the end. It's such an incredible story. Since I'm listening to it I find myself looking up these people to find out what happened to them after the story ends - for example: even though I'm not done reading I REALLY want to know what happened to "The Bird". Do you know what happened?
Do you do this too [look up the aftermath to what happens in stories like this]? I do the same things with movies based on true life.
I'm so ready to move. This weekend {again} the neighbors had FIVE police cars outside of the building at 5 in the morning. And all I could hear was a dog barking and someone say "She needs to be arrested". FIVEAMPEOPLE.Ugh.
Any neighborhood drama in your hood? Please tell me it's not just me and my hood.
I'm back on my Pinterest kick. These are my funnies for this week so far:

Did any of these make you laugh?
Christmas is ... what ... like 70 days away? I'm already building my Christmas list. Is that sad? I want so much new stuff for whenever I DO move. Plus I'm on a bit of a spending freeze while I pay down more bills and build my savings back up so everything looks AWESOME. Are you ready for Christmas?
What's on your mind today?


  1. I'm sorry about the neighborhood drama--hopefully that will be over for you soon once you move. How much longer?? I feel you on the spending freeze but wanting a ton of stuff. Just wait until you move and that list will get even longer...and not necessarily with "fun" stuff :/ Womp womp

  2. How fun this little coffee break was. (I was ACTUALLY drinking some coffee while I was reading!) I haven't read/listened to Unbroken. I hadn't even heard about it. It looks VERY interesting. I will definitely have to check it out!
    Neighborhood drama: no police - but we have 4-5 college boys renting right next door..... I think they think they are in a fraternity!!! Crazy college boys!!!
    P.S. - Christmas is coming WAY too soon!