Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee {virtual coffee}

Yo-Yo-Yo ... It's time for some Joe!
How was your weekend?
Magical and Fantastical?
[Sip One]: RAGE
I have residual rage from last week's episode of Revenge (yes a week later I'm STILL fuming). I absolutely HATE Charlotte. If the woman who plays Charlotte ever plays on another show I think I would still hate her. Some actors never shake their characters (you know like the dude that played The Politician on S&TC .... will always be that guy). Do you watch? Have you ever had a character on a show just infuriate you?
Damn you Farm Heroes Saga!
You got me.
I'm addicted.
AND I have to confess: I FINALLY FINALLY beat level 181 on Candy Crush. You would've thought I won the lotto when I beat that SOB of a level. I've been suck on that level for moooooooooooooonths. Do you play these stupid games? Do you get addicted like I do?

Holy crap guys! I'm THRILLED to say I FINALLY landed this account I've been wanting for probably over a year. It's just one property but I'm determined to get the other ones. AND I sold another spot for this competition we're having which means I get a second entry in the Cancun drawing. How's work going for you?

[Sip Four]: ONE BOX
Thanks to everyone's feedback last week I went ahead and packed a box
I got a long way to go! What room should I tackle first?

[Sip Five]: ESTY 
I got an Esty order! WOOHOO!
I'm glad they are going to their forever home! Are you an etsy shopper? Seller or both?

[Last Sip]: What's going on in your world? Share your sip with me!



  1. Yay for getting that account!!! Go you!!! Now that I've cheered you on, will you take me with you if you win the trip?? hehe

  2. YAY for finally landing the account! That's awesome! Congratulations!