Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee {Virtual Coffee}

Hello There.
I can't believe Monday is back.
How about some Monday Morning Coffee??
In a few weeks I'll be pulling out the hook and skeins to make a baby shower gift (another Gemini is on the way -- woohoo). Now my question is - if I gift someone a handmade blanket - am I obligated to also give a store bought gift? Or is the blanket gift enough?  What would make you happy? Both? or will the blanket make you happy?
I ended up with no sales for our November issue - I actually ended up in the negative to be honest. But the start of December is looking pretty good. I hate being in the negative.  I also hate this time of year when it gets dark early and it's cold outside - it's hard to be in the elements trying to sell something when you can't feel your fingers! How's work for you? Are you having a good month?
Next week my little baby sister is turning 13. ugh. They grow up so fast. I wish I could keep her as a little bright eyed pink lipped baby. She is just the sweetest pre-teen I've ever met though. AND she's easy to shop for. She just requested a giftcard to either iTunes or Amazon. Easy. Love Her. Does it break your heart too when your little ones grow up so fast? I mean they grow and we don't age at all - that's how it works right?
The Friday before last I had a doctor's appointment. I get there. Wait my turn. Long story short they call me up and say "is your address blah blah blah? oh well you owe us a balance so we can't see you". That balance was actually in collections. A balance I didn't even know I owed. I RAGED. Then cried because of the anger. Straight Frustration. I asked why somebody didn't call me and tell me AND on top of that I waited SIX MONTHS for this appointment. Fast forward to Monday afternoon the doctor's office calls me and goes "Dr. Blah Blah said you really need to come in." <-- that call added to my anger.  Took everything in me not to say "No Shit Sherlock."  Do doctor office policy's sometime just piss you off? Has this ever happened to you?
This is a very word heavy post today huh? How about some Pinterest loves?

That's it for now! What's going on in your world? Leave me a sip or two below!

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  1. Ugh, that doctor thing is super annoying! I'm sorry they made you go through that. So stupid!
    I feel you on the kids growing up. With our nieces and nephew, they are getting so big so fast and I just want them to stay small forever. But, that's not life--so the best we can ask for is that they grow up to be good kids, and not TOO fast :)
    I hate how dark it is so early, too. It stinks.
    Love the pins--especially the stuffed animal/dog one haha

  2. I would add a small stuffed animal to the gift. Nothing too expensive though.
    I hope your work gets better for you.
    Happy Birthday to your sister!
    The Dr. thing p's me off too. My Mom needed to go see her Dr. but they wouldn't see her because she owed them $65. $65 dollars!! We got it paid and she saw him, but I wanted so bad to cuss them out. My Mom has serious health problems and they can't be playing around like that.
    Have a good day Trish. :)

  3. Baby Shower Gift: I don't think you need to purchase anything. I think we that crochet don't realize how precious a handmade gift is to those that don't crochet. And, to those that do crochet, they know what a labor of love a homemade gift is. (that's my opinion!)
    My sweet little grandson just turned 3 this week - and yes... .they grow up WAY too fast!!!
    I loved all your pinterest pics... but, the dog in line for the treat was GREAT!!!
    Thank you for stopping to have coffee!! It's always a Monday "treat" for me!!!