Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear Santa, All I want is these 501765796 Things and World Peace.

Christmas is ALMOST here! Yay! Can you believe it? I'm really looking forward to some family time, food and presents!

Since moving, my Christmas wishlist is heavily packed with household items. Here's what I'm asking Family-Claus for this year:

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Is this cute or is it just me? We (I) got thru a massive amounts of toilet paper. Getting something like this would keep it cute and handy!
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My house is MOSTLY hardwood floors but I would like shoes off to keep the dirt traffic and scuffs to a minimum. Having a cute tray would {hopefully} encourage folks to remove their shoes upon entering my domain.
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I've seen so many versions of this clock. I'd be happy with any one of them. It's the perfect kitchen clock - don't you think?
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I've opted not to get cable again (it's such a rip off). I lived without it for 2 years so I can survivor more time without it. I did sign up for FiOS. So a FireStick will be perfect for me. Especially since I can log-in using my mom's prime account. I might consider signing up for Hulu so I can catch some shows.
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I love the Rachel Ray Stoneware. I have quite a few pieces already so this would just add on to my collection. I love the bright colors and that pretty much everything has handles on it. LOVE.
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I just want some Cast-Iron Skillets. No good reason as to why - but I want them!
Lastly - I want lots and lots of giftcards, knickknacks, candles, smell goods, books, movies, music, clothes, shoes, and world peace.
Is that asking for too much?
What's on your 2014 Christmas Wishlist?

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  1. hahaha yep you are definitely a home-owner now!!! There will be tons more to add to the list as you're there. I hope the Family-Claus treats you well this year :)