Friday, December 19, 2014


Here's my LOVED, LIKED and LEARNED this week:


*My new house shoes/slippers from Target. They are super comfy and warm!
they are buy one, get one half off this week.
*This wine:

*Pretty much unpacked as of this week (except for my office) and that I can get back into my normal routine.

*We have OnDemand! I don't have cable or even basic cable but I can watch all the normal/local channels on demand. LOVE THAT!


*Team dinner at That's Amore. They messed up my meal but it was still good and wine and co-workers and lots of laughs (for the most part).

*My client's complimenting me infront of my new general sales manager and my regional manager (always a nice feeling).

*Someone is coming tomorrow to touch up my drywall issues and give me a new toilet seat.

*My radio in my car has finally been replaced and I can listen to my XM again and have bluetooth.


*The Swifter Vac doesn't have a very good suction (any recommendations on what I should use to clean my hardwood floors)?

*My new neighbors like to listen to their music/tv really loud and/or my walls our thin.

*Stitch's meows are SO MUCH louder since there's no carpet & my condo is mostly empty. 

*You can buy AnimalJam gift cards at Toys R Us (and not Target like their website least not the 3 Targets I looked for it at).

*The Ladders is a pretty neat job search website. I like that you can see when someone looks/downloads your resume and how many people applied for the same job.

*I love my car more than I thought I did. After driving a loaner for a couple days (this week and last week), I realized I LOVE my heated seats, navigation, backup cam, push-to-start. Going without it was tough #firstworldproblems.  After driving my Ford deathtrap for many years it I went all out with my new car and now that I'm use to these features I can't live without them! 

*Where my trash goes in my new neighborhood (YES it took nearly a week to figure it out and YES Troy had to tell me where it was). Luckily for me Troy's been taking care of discarding trash and boxes. 

What have you LOVED, LIKED and LEARNED this week? Share with me! 


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  1. I have slippers similar to those from Target and they ARE super comfy (I've worn mine out and probably need a new pair). And a big WOOHOO for being basically unpacked. It makes things feel a lot less up in the air and chaotic for sure!
    For our floors, we use our Dyson which does a great job. Not sure if you're in the market for one of those, but they are amazing!