Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee {Virtual Coffee}

Oh. Hello Monday. Back so soon? Ready for some coffee?

{Sip One}: WORK
I talk about work a lot don't I? Is that bad? On Saturday my mom looks at me and says "Today feels like Sunday" as soon as she said that I felt my blood pressure rise. Just the thought of being even closer to today (monday) made me stress out. That's not good right? The anticipation of going to work shouldn't stress me out.  I don't know what's on the horizon for the next few weeks/months at work. I know my numbers are in the dumbs and I'll have to work like crazy to get in the positive. Wish me luck!

How was your holiday? Did Santa Claus get you everything you had on your list (even if you were naughty)? I made out great! Lots of stuff for my new condo and lots of gift cards and cash to get even more stuff for the condo. Shop-Shop-Shopping!

{Sip Three}: BAR STOOL
On Saturday mom and I spent 11am-7pm driving all over the county looking for the perfect bar stools. So much walking around I exceeded my daily steps goal - I'm so excited about that. LOL

After all that walking we didn't find anything I like (LOVED). But as of yesterday I think I've decided on ordering these:

{Sip Four} YARN BOMB
My contribution to the yarn bomber has made it part of his tent #7. I'm VERY excited.
Can you guess (or remember) which piece was my contribution?

What's going on in your world?
Share some SIPS with me!

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