Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Hi There & Hello December!
Ready for a few sips?
[Sip One]: Thanksgiving.
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you stuff your face with Turkey? Ham? Stuffing? Potato Salad? Greens? Macaroni & Cheese? Yams? Sweet Potato Pie? I know I did! My family gathers together on Thanksgiving and again the Friday after for an instant replay. So much good food and family. Good Times.

[Sip Two]: Tomorrow is THE Day (supposedly - I just found out there's a 50% chance it won't happen)
If all goes as been planned (since July) then tomorrow is the big day/big deal. I can't wait! I will wake up with the bubble guts (BGs as I like to call it) and will be nervous until after my appointment. I can't wait to share more information with everyone - maybe even next Monday! What are you looking forward to this week?
[Sip Three]: Christmas.
I don't know what I'm going to do about Christmas Shopping this year. I always think of Dave Ramsey saying that Christmas isn't a surprise - we know when it's coming every year - why don't I ever plan for it? I know the kids in my life will get giftcards and I'll have to figure out something for My mom and Troy. I wish I had saved money so it wouldn't be so stressful! Have you started shopping yet? What's on your wishlist?
[Sip Four]: Friends-Giving
Over the weekend I was invited over to a friend's house. To my delight the gals had cooked a whole Thanksgiving dinner - Mac & Cheese, green bean casserole, roasted chicken, meatballs ... Even cake! It was nice. Do you love Thanksgiving as much as I?

[Sip Five]: First Snow.
Ugh. First Snow of the season. This ain't cute! I'm not ready for this. I politely put up with the cold but the snow - nooooo thanks! Did you get snow yet? Don't you hate it?

Share your SIPS with me!
How was your Thanksgiving?
What are you looking forward to this week?
Have you started shopping yet?
What challenges  are you thinking of participating in?
Did you get snow yet? Don't you hate it?

1 comment:

  1. Wow you had a million thanksgiving dinners over the weekend! haha All of it looks super yummy!!
    I didnt have any mac and cheese with my thanksgiving meal. I'll save that for a main course ;)
    Good luck with things tomorrow if it happens!!!
    I was not a fan of the snow the other day. I'm glad it's supposed to be 69 today!