Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Hi. It's Monday.
So. Yeah.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?
Ready to have some SIPS?
Today we have a new manager starting. Ugh. For those at home who have been playing around here's a recap of managers since I started in February 2013: #1 - the manager that hired me quit in April. #2 - the regional manager left shortly after that. #3 - a new guy is hired {and made work life suck} and left for many reasons. He was here September - April. #4 - someone was hired but never started. #5 - another someone hired but never came. And now we are up-to-date.  The internal chatter isn't too happy with the decision of the new person - but I'm trying REALLY hard not to pre-judge someone before I even meet them - but it's hard. Especially when their public posts on FB are inappropriate.
I'll keep you posted on what happens.
Can you believe Christmas is just next week? WTH?! I have not bought ONE THING for anyone other than myself (hey! I'm just being honest). What sucks the most is I don't get a commission check until THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. So that means anyone who I'm getting presents for...they will be late. Consider this your heads up.

I have not decorated for Christmas. I have not one Christmas-y thing out. I have a little fiber optic tree that Stitch Cat Jones really enjoys eating but it's in need of being retired. Maybe after Christmas I'll go out and buy a new one (at a discounted rate) and put away for 2015.

my 2014 Christmas decorating at it's best

Finally around 11pm Saturday night I had time to sit down and get some crochet in. I'm still plugging away at this Trip Around The World blanket trying to make it extra large!

Guess who is home now? Stitch Cat Jones! He's spent the past week at my mom's house (thanks mom!) while I moved and got the new joint set-up. I'm hoping to keep the cat hair and pet damage down to a minimum! We'll see how that goes!

What's going on in your world? Leave me  sips below!



  1. I'm sure Stitch is already loving his new home, even if it's lacking in the Christmas Decor Department lol. Don't beat yourself up too much about it--you've had a lot going on, so if Xmas decor doesnt happen this year, oh well. There's always next year and the next year and get the idea :)
    Good luck with the new manager! I hope he's good!!

  2. Sips huh? That's cute! What a neat way to start the week of too! MB Sips ... I've got some decorations up and placed our first wrapped (boxed) gift under the tree last night. 1 down, few more to go :)