Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Day in The Life ....

I saw this post on Girlxoxo and it inspired me to share with you a peek into a day in the life of me!

YES - I still use an old fashion daily planner. 

7am: Wakey-Wakey
My first alarm goes off at 7am and although I KNOW it makes it worse I almost always hit the snooze alarm. If I don't fall back to sleep - I start checking all my emails (personal, work, professional personal). Then I move to social media (facebook and instagram) and then I read Jenn's blog.

7:09am - 7:45am: Up & Ready
Snooze goes off 9 minutes later. I have to feed Stitch first thing in the morning. By this time he is meowing his head off and they aren't cute "meows" they are annoying and demanding. I also have to give him a shot of insulin every morning (and evening). I take about 30-60 minutes getting ready for the work day. Now that I wear my hair natural and don't wear make-up I'm really quick at getting ready. The thing that takes me the longest is putting on my tights!

7:45am - 8:30am: Feed my face and get in the car
I'm really trying hard to eat breakfast every morning. Usually waffles or cereal. I do live inconveniently close to a Dunkin Donuts so some mornings I go treat myself and if I have a morning meeting with a client I usually pick something up for them too. Before I hit the sugary path to happiness I do try to pack a snack bag and large tumbler of lemon water to carry along with me in the car.

8:30am - 4:00pm: Daily Grind
I'm in sales. I work for an internet listing service so my job is to drive around and see 40-50 clients & prospects per week (I usually see anywhere between 8-12 clients/prospects a day).  I spend A LOT of time in my car. My territory is the Metro DC area (Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia). I can get in my car at 8:30am and may drive for 1-2 hours before I even get to my first stop of the day.  In between seeing clients I like to listen to the Kane Show, Sway Show and Audiobooks. I also use this time to talk on the phone with my co-workers and will many times pull over to read and answer emails. Sometimes I take a lunch (if I'm with my manager in the field I ALWAYS take my hour lunch) depending on how much money I have and/or how hungry I am. Or I'll just eat whatever snacks I packed in the morning to hold me over until I get home.

4:00pm - 5:30pm: Wrapping up the work
I like to give myself about an hour at the end of each work day so I can log all my calls into Salesforce (aka the Big Brother of my job). Also to answer any emails I didn't get to while I was out in the field.

5:30pm - 8pm: Relax and Unwind
I'd like to tell you this is the time I go to the gym and every once in a while that's true - but for the majority of the days this is the time I use to relax from the day. I take a hot shower to wash off the day, figure out what's for dinner, fart around on my phone, catch up on my games (trivia crack, words with friends, farm story) and I feed Stitch again and give him his second shot of insulin of the day.

8pm - 10pm: Prime Time
If something's good on TV I'll sit down and watch it live (Empire anyone?!). Sometimes Troy and I will play Monopoly or get some Redbox movies.  During this time I'll usually bring out my crochet hooks and get some hooky in.

10pm - Midnight: Passed Out
I've been so exhausted lately so when 10pm comes I can't get in bed fast enough. If I don't pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm on my phone reading blogs and the gossip sites.


What does a day in your life look like?

Was this too boring for you?

I love a peek into people's lives - do you?


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  1. Awww I feel so special to be a part of your daily routine!
    I remember living with you and the snooze button hahahah