Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Blanket - Green, Green and Green

The other day I shared with you that I got in the yarn for my Crochet Mood Blanket 2015. In that same box was six skeins of yarn for my friend's baby blanket:
I decided to go ahead and make the pattern she wants. Ugh. I'll have to put the Patricia charm on it and make it super cute.

I'm feeling especially touched and willing to make anything they want since they let me come to their sonogram and find out the sex of their baby. I've never been to anyone's sonogram before so it was incredible to see the baby's head, heart, toes, fingers, baby boy part - everything! And he was moving around a lot in there trying to get his finger in his mouth - so precious! I'm super excited for this couple. I'm already planning for their second child (which HAS to be a girl - I'm just going to put that out there now).



  1. LOVE! So so sweet of them. But you are basically a voting member in their relationship aren't you? so it makes sense ahaha jk. Love that you got to be there!

  2. How wonderful you got to go to the sonogram. How special was that?! Love the look of your baby blanket. X