Friday, January 23, 2015


Happy Friday! How was your week?
Here's what I've loved, liked and learned this week:

LOVED this week:

• My new journal arrived. I LOVE journaling but I'm awful at it. I hope this simplified version keeps me on track.

• I LOVED that liked my picture on Instagram (and they sent me a tweet saying they liked my style). I feel SO cool.

• That I finished my second book of 2015 and I REALLY liked it. I'll do a review next week but for now just check out my Teaser Tuesday Post.

LIKED this week:

• Starting watching Being Mary Jane on Netflix. It's so good! I'm really into it. I'm disappointed there's only 8 episodes right now.  I want more!

• That my pal Becky texted me and we have plans for Saturday. She's been a buddy since 8th grade and I haven't seen her in forever. Can't wait to catch up!

LEARNED this week:

• About the Eugenics program in North Caroline from 1933-1977. People getting sterilized against their will and/or against their knowledge. How terrible!

• Learned more about myself this week and my (work) self worth. I'll tell you more on Monday but I learned that I am capable of standing up for myself and for what I feel (and know) I deserve.

• that "IMHO" doesn't mean "I'm Ho" but "In my humble opinion" lol. That makes more sense in context then I'm Ho.

THIS WEEK'S BLOG RECAP (in case you missed it):


What did you learn this week?

What did you love this week?

What did you like this week?


  1. hahahah I love the IMHO that you learned lol.
    YAY for that journal. I have one but never did it with fidelity after the wedding since I was crazy busy and kinda forgot about it. I hope yours goes better haha
    Ive never heard of Being Mary Jane but maybe Ill check it out after we watch The Good Wife (which is extra good too!!)
    Have a good weekend friend :)

  2. Today is my first visit with you but it won't be my last. I like this Friday "Loved, Liked and Learned" and think I will repeat it myself some Friday with your permission.

  3. I like the new journal, it's really beautiful
    Ruty @Reading...Dreaming

  4. Ha to IMHO. Took me a while to figure out too, but I didn't think of I'm Ho :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  5. Trish, I wanted you to know that I will be doing my Friday Loved, Liked and Learned this week and invite you to visit. Thanks again for letting me join you.