Friday, January 30, 2015

Loved, Liked, Learned #4

Happy Friday! 

LOVED this week:

- That Elizabeth Day said she's going to be joining in on this week's LL&L!

- That Troy suggested that I rearranged my office furniture and once he moved everything it's SO much better!

- My TEASER from Oprah's What I Know For Sure.

- I downloaded a gratitude app and I'm trying to make the effort to add one thing I'm grateful for each day.

LIKED this week:

- That I got new business in and some upgrades so I'm getting closer to getting out the negative for the month!

- I made it to the gym TWICE so far this week (a big accomplishment for me). Hopefully I get to the gym again today!

- Link ups! I'm linking up @ Friday Favorites, and Friday Favorites,

LEARNED this week:

- (And I should've already known this) You can't trust people - even the ones you think you can trust. Some people not only throw you under the bus but they are also the driver of the bus.

- If you take a toilet paper roll  and cut it down the middle with scissors it makes THE PERFECT way to keep your gift wrapping paper from unraveling!


What did you LOVE this week?

What did you LIKE this week?

What did you LEARN this week?


  1. I love everything you posted about (including the toilet paper roll trick!) except for people throwing you under the bus. Not cool!!
    I'll never throw you under or drive the bus! Love you!!

  2. Oh My Goodness.... you made me laugh so hard with the comment about the bus driver. I LOVE reading your posts!