Thursday, January 15, 2015

OOohMMGEE - Am I A Type A?!?!!?

In this week's sales meeting my new manager hit me with the line "It's okay Patricia, I know you're type A personality" and I was all offended - "I'M NOT TYPE A! I just like to be organized and prepared..."

I took that as a curse when he said it (mind you he's also called me "pushy" and "demanding"), so I take everything he says kinda personally.

And now I'm sitting here thinking - "Am I type A"? 

Ok here's the Type A Personality list (from AboutHealth and Huffington Post):

Time Urgency and Impatience (CHECK)
Free-Floating Hostility orAggressiveness (YUP-CHECK)
Competitiveness (UhHuh - CHECK)
Strong Achievement-Orientation (Bingo - CHECK)
You have a serious phobia of wasting time. (Doesn't Everyone?! - CHECK)
You've always been a bit of a catastrophist. ( IS the end of the world - CHECK)
You frequently talk over and interrupt people. (Whoops. Guilty - CHECK)
You have a low tolerance for incompetence. (Annoys the hell out of me - CHECK)
You're sensitive to stress. (I can't handle stress - CHECK)

I AM Type A.

Is that bad?

I even took a little quiz on line and my answer was "You appear to have Type A personality traits". 
I like to think of myself as Calm, Cool and Collected but apparently I'm not fooling anyone!

Whomp. Whomp.


What personality trait are you?
Should I be offended to be called Type A?



  1. I don't think you need to be offended. I'm Type A with a lot of things too. I think everyone has traits from each, it's just which ones they have more of. Plus it probably depends on the situations too. I love you just the way you are, no matter what trait you are :)

  2. Ha! Ha! According to your lists above, I'm a combination of type A, B, and C!! LOL I'm self-driven and competitive, but not a risk taker...EVER!!! :-)) I'm fairly charismatic, and easy-going, but I do not lack a sense of urgency. When things need to be done I want them done YESTERDAY!! :-)) I'm a stickler for detail, with a leaning toward being a perfectionist, but I am no loner! No! I love people! And it takes a long time to get me stressed. I can always see the half full glass!! :-)