Monday, January 26, 2015

Virtual Coffee

Hello there friend.
How are you?
How was your weekend?
Last week we had our annual meeting to discuss income for 2015. As you know - I'm in sales, and as I'm sure you deduced - I LIVE on making commission. This year when they told me the rate I would be paid I was in utter shock. Like I "LOL'd" literally when I heard my number. I spent the rest of my day in mounting anger. I went home and tossed in turned all night. I talked to a few people who helped me process what's going on. To add fuel to my fire I have a FEELING (I've always had a feeling but some stuff kinda validated my feeling) that my male co-worker gets DOUBLE the rate I'm paid. So I put on my big girl trousers and talked to my new manager and regional to tell them that the rate they are giving me makes me feel like an "under valued" member of the team. And I said some other things - I made lots of points, examples and knew my numbers). So far nothing has changed (they didn't start throwing money at me). Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow - but I feel better inside. I know what I'm worth and I now know that my managers know what I'm worth. But I have to tell you - DAMN it's scary walking into the room and having to lay your value/worth on the table and insist you be paid for it.

I was very excited to get up Saturday and take a trip to Ikea (don't we ALL love going to Ikea)? I wanted to toss everything in to my basket (after all I DO need SO much for my new digs) but I managed to stay true to my list and walked out with just the piece of furniture I aimed to get.

I spent hours putting this sucker together.  I got down to the last 3 screws and got screwed. I couldn't get them in. The frustration worked me up so much that I the curse words flew, tears poured and I even got a few kicks in (yes I'm ashamed to admit).  Lucky for the bookcase I had a dinner date with Becky and had to leave the house. A short time later I get a text from Troy that simply says "done" and a picture of my bookcase screwed together, standing up and placed right where I wanted it!  Thank goodness for Troy!

Do you play this game? I love it but it makes me feel so stupid.  I get so many questions wrong. I always have to tell people I play with "I know things ... I swear!".  Play me in you're into this @trishj530

Sundays I USE to look forward to Downton Abbey and Revenge and both are big disappointments for me this season. I think I can easily stop watching both shows and not miss a thing. I need them to both turn around and get juicy again or else I'm out!


What's going on in your world?

What would you share with me over coffee?

Do you have the case of the Mondays?



  1. That totally sucks about your work--I know that's gotta be tough but I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for going in and standing up of yourself. I hope they take notice and change things around for you!
    Oh the Ikea/furniture frustration. I know it well. MG and I have had several times where one of us gets annoyed at something not working (usually after we've been working at it for a while). This will likely not be the last time either haha. The joys of home ownership. The bright news is Troy is awesome and your shelf/desk looks great!!!

  2. Good for you going in and telling them your worth! And I just got turned on to Trivia Crack. I haven't actually played any games yet though.

    Tanya Patrice