Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

TGIF! Right?
As I figured would happen - I'm feeling a bit sick today. Sore throat and a throbbing in my temples. Hopefully this passes quick! I'm too tired to be sick!

My current read is annoying me.
I'm audiobooking The Girl on the Train and some parts are good and some parts just drive me bananas. I think it's because it's quite reminiscent of Gone Girl which was good(ish) but not one of my favorite reads.

Chipotle out the waa-zoo.
Earlier this week Troy brought home a shit ton of chipotle. I should've taken a picture for you folks! There were burritos and tacos galore! I've managed to stuff my face with quite a bit of it but had plenty to share with co-workers and with my mom. Some girls get nice fancy presents from their lovers - this girl gets chipotle. LOL

Baby shower planning.
I am throwing a baby shower for my pal Ashby...I have never thrown a shower all on my own before. I'm quite worried about how it's going to turn out. I considered having it at my house - but I think my condo is way to small for the amount of people that will be invited (and do I really feel like cleaning before and after the party - probably not). I've decided on a private room at Brio for a brunch. I got the room booked and the date pinned down now I have to do all the rest of the planning. Hopefully this turns out decent/fun. I don't want anyone talking about how tacky it was in the end.

I've pretty much finished up my taxes - except for officially filing them. I'm not too happy with the end result - my own fault though. I took money out of my IRA during the time I was preparing to buy my first place and during the process of buying my first place. If you've ever taken money out of your IRA you know they tax the hell out of it + some more. So I'm suffering from that. I was hoping to get a refund back to stack my savings and pay for the baby shower - but that won't be happening.

I'm addicted. Vampire Diaries. I know. You're asking yourself "is it 2010?!" but no. I wanted to catch up on the show but I couldn't remember where I left off, so naturally I started from season 1 and have been watching at least two episodes every day since last weekend. It's so good. I love this whole teenage vampire love stuff. 

That's it for today! What's on your Friday Five list? 


  1. I'm sorry your book is annoying you--I hate that. I always feel guilty giving up on a book thatI don't love, but sometimes you just have to. I'm sure you'll finish this one tho :)
    Good luck with the baby shower--I'm sure it will be awesome. It's always the thought that counts even if things don't go off 100% as planned, it'll all be ok!
    We are getting our taxes done this weekend by MG's dad, and I'm scared for the result. I think we might owe and that will be a sad day since we used to both get a decent amount back. We could totally use that money too. Such is life! :(
    Hope you have an awesome weekend and you're recovered from your Chipotle hangover haha

  2. I loved vampire diaries in the beginning but now I watch the spin off the originals. I just love all the New Orleans scenes!

  3. OH yay a baby shower ! i own a baby gifts company if you need gifts too :) and we have lots of advice on baby showers like centerpieces and food ideas on the blog (!) anyways chipotle rice beans and meat bowl is my all time favorite !

  4. I hope you feel better soon! The hubster and I just watched Gone Girl last night... It was okay... Kinda predictable. I've been meaning to read more... I never did finish the last book of the 50 Shades of Gray series... Anyhoo, I also have not filed my taxes. We're not getting back as much as I expected, but we are getting a decent amount, and I guess that's better than having to pay... Good luck with the baby shower... :-)