Friday, February 6, 2015

Loved, Liked and Learned #5

TGIF. I can't believe that it's FRI-YAY. This week dragged like a mo-fo but it also seemed to fly right by me.

LOVED this week:

::: That I got to treat my mom to a super delicious birthday dinner at Founding Farmers. Have you ever been to that place? I've never had anything there that wasn't good.

::: Ashby sent my mom flowers for her bday and signed the card "From your favorite daughter." and my mom thought I sent them. LOL. I almost took credit for it.

LIKED this week:

::: Troy and are on a movie kick lately. We watched John Wick and I actually really enjoyed it. I started looking up the "Sad Keanu" memes after watching the movie and I couldn't stop laughing. Go ahead - take 5 minutes and google Sad Keanu.

::: Sent my stepmom some flowers for her birthday and I LIKE that they got there on time (barely - who delivers flowers at 8pm?!) but they are not that cute (at least it was cuter online - she loves sunflowers):

LEARNED this week:

::: That my information may be compromised do that to stupid Anthem hack. WTF. How annoying is it to have to worry about my social security number, birthday and address being out there for the taking - AND right around tax time? UGH

::: How much my manager makes on a non-commission/bonus pay period. The guy had his pay check face up on his desk when he called me in to look at something on his computer. When he noticed me noticing it he goes "WHY did you tell me that was there?!" uh - who keeps their paycheck out on their desk anyway?!

What did you LOVE this week?

What did you LIKE this week?

What did you LEARN this week?



  1. I haven't seen that movie yet--but might check it out since you liked it! Happy birthday to your mom!
    I HATE when the flowers sent look nothing like the online picture. That's happened to me so many times and it's so disappointing. At least the thought was there!
    Your manager sounds like a real winner!

  2. Glad you had a great birthday with your mom. The flowers thing was hilarious! And I googled Sad Keanu. *LOL* Have a terrific weekend.