Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five


Let's do a Five on Friday re-cap of the week! 

Today I have a meeting that I've been waiting for about 3-4 weeks. I'm nervous! And I'm praying it goes well. Please send me good ju-ju vibes!

I got new artwork for my bathroom and it really makes me giggle every time I see it!

I just love it. It's an Etsy find. 

Looking forward to the weekend! Starting today I'll go see one friend's baby and then on Saturday I'm babysitting another friend's baby. I love getting the QT time with the cuties and to support my pals if they need a lil time away from their babies.  Sunday I don't have much planned yet...but I'm sure I'll find something to do! 

How annoyed are you with the end of Married at First Sight? 
I was really rooting for Jaclyn and Ryan. I had already written off the other two couples.  Per Jaclyn's Instagram I see she didn't get that dinner date Ryan had promised her. 

I got some little aloe plants at Home Depot this week I found way to cute to pass up

Think they'll be a nice addition to my kitchen. 


How was your week?
Any good plans for the weekend?



  1. Married at First Sight annoyed the heck out of me too!! I saw her Instagram too and Im mega disappointed. Did you see the article about why the matchmakers are to blame? There's a lot out there saying that the casting process wasn't the same this time around that it was the first time.
    Good luck with your meeting today!!! Ill be sending you all the Ju-Ju vibes!!! :)
    Love the bathroom sign lol--so you! ;)
    Love ya!!

  2. That is a hilarious sign! I love the prints you can find on Etsy. I got one awhile back for my kitchen that says 'You only live once, lick the bowl'. So true! I'm a new follower to your site, and I love how bright and fun it is. Also the cozies you made for cups- those are adorable!

  3. Sending good ju-ju vibes your way - good luck. :)

  4. Hi Trish! So great to catch up with you. Love that sign! Good luck with your meeting. Tomorrow I have a critique group meeting, but that's all I have planned for the weekend. :)

  5. I MUST get the sign for my bathroom.... LOVE IT!!!