Wednesday, July 22, 2015

7 Randoms


1. I have four pillows sitting on my stairs waiting to be thrown away. They NEED to be thrown away. They are old and I have already bought four new ones. But for some reason I can't just throw them away! That's the hoarder in me.

2. Apparently my condo is holding a spider convention. We're on week two. I try to suck them up in the vacuum or ask Troy to "take care of it" (he's nicer than I - he'll set them outside). I showed one mercy on Sunday and it kept taunting me. That was the last mercy shown in my place!

3. I found a new trick: After you clean your toilet instead of putting the toilet brush back in the container all gross and wet - you let it dry under the lid! Duh!

4. This week Troy said to me "how am I suppose to keep up [in conversation] with you if you switch subjects in the middle of the sentence?" WHOOPS. I think I do this all the time. I can see how that could be frustrating.

5. My manager destroyed this {rented} chair in our office. I don't' know why but it REALLY pisses me off. Well I know why - destroying other people's property is just a general lack of respect for yourself and others. Plus it makes our office look trashy as hell.

he somehow dug up the arm rest and then decided to tape them back together? WTF?

6. I'm two episodes away from finishing the series of Sons of Anarchy. I'm sad. Is Charlie Hunnan in anything else? I'm going to miss seeing his butt.
7. I met with a client yesterday who is also a big audible fan and I nearly pooped my pants. We spent probably 1/4 of the meeting talking about audiobooks. That's the geek in me.

What's a random thought you are having today?



  1. I love that you're a geek and you love to read--I get some good recs from you!
    TOtally never thought about the toilet brush thing but will do that from now on!!
    You should get rid of those pillows--dont want the spiders to create a nest in there!!!!! haha

  2. Catch Charlie Hunnam in Vikings. Great show! And those pillows have some relatives hanging around in my laundry room. I keep telling myself we might need them for company...or something.

  3. Love that first quote about being random......
    Also, I am DEFINITELY going to try that toilet brush thing.... it's always bothered me to put it away wet.... DUH!!!