Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on FrrriiiYAY

Yay for Friiday!

{ONE} Payday...YAY!
I got my happy shoes on. Today is commission day! If you live or have ever had to live on a commission based income then you can relate to my excitement.  Plus this is the last commission check until September (for some odd reason we don't get one in the month of August). I'll have to take this check and stock up on the ramen noodles to get me thru the next few weeks.

{TWO} - Fraud Alert
Some sucker got a hold of my credit card and started charging it up on some electronics website. UGH. I've never had this happen before - have you? My credit card company alerted me but only after 3 charges were made. We'll see how this plays out.

{THREE} - Addicted...again
A couple weeks my mom told me about SimCity BuildIt and I have been playing that non-stop. Thhheeennn on Monday she told me about Cooking Fever and I can't stop playing THAT! I get addicted way to easily to these games.

{FOUR} - Movie Night
Troy and I like to have movie nights. So Wednesday he picked up a few Redboxes, a whole bunch of snacks, I made dinner and then we bucked down on the couch for the whole evening. I love times like that. We watched Run All Night (meh) and Ex-Machina (yeh).

{FIVE} - Catch Up 
Met up with my pals Ashby and Trina. I see Ashby all the time but it had been a while since I saw Trina. We met up for margaritas and Mexican food. A win-win.

How was your week?
Any good plans for the weekend?


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  1. We watched Ex Machina this past weekend and liked it too--made you think! Did you see that this week they had a robot pass the self awareness test??
    Yay for payday!!!

  2. I haven't heard of that game before -- probably shouldn't check it out or I won't get anything done haha!