Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loves/Hates {Gifs edition}

The fantabulous Jenn @ Going the Distance tagged me in her very cute & funny Loves/Hates post so I'm excited to do my very own! I'm being a straight up copycat and adding gifs just like Jenn did in her post (I just started using gifs in text messages like 3 weeks ago so I'm geeked to add them to my blog post).


Commission Checks - my hard work in the form of $$
Movie Nights with Troy - good mid-week quality time!
Girls Night in - Love having quality time with my galpals...even when we're just hanging out at the house.
Phone Games - I love them all. The only reason I get anxious if I can't find my phone is because I can't play my games. Yahtzee, Cooking Fever, SimCity Buildit...
Don't act like this wasn't your jam
Amazon Giftcards - I earned a few gift cards from a work blitz and I love seeing the packages my front door of goodies I've ordered.



Whoopsie Blog Post - you know that moment when you hit "publish" instead of "schedule" or "save"

Noisy Neighbors - my upstairs neighbor likes to play his music really loud. And his music selection confuses me. It's like he's a single woman from his music choices. It's a lot of Alanis Morissette and Nick Jonas and a bunch of random sad and slow crap. 
#$%! - When your manager wants you to stop everything your doing to "help out" with something that someone else didn't have time to do BUT got they got a bonus ($$) for it. Uh. No.  
Home Ownership woes - Bills bills bills. Got my first tax bill from the county. This homeownership thing really adds up.
When someone insist that you didn't do something you KNOW you did - burns me up! Don't tell me what I didNOT do when I did it already. 
This was a fun post!

Did you enjoy reading this half as much as I enjoyed writing it?

What's on your loves/hates list?


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  1. YES I enjoyed reading it!!! And I can hear your voice when I read it all too. Love the gifs that you added (I'm totally okay with you copying what I did!) Love love love! :)