Monday, July 13, 2015

Virtual Coffee - Oh Monday

Oh. Monday.
Whomp Whomp.

Virtual Coffee? Anyone? 
Join me!
sip #1
All day Friday I was SO looking forward to ending the work day and getting into bed as soon as possible but in a nice twist of events my dear friend Becky texted me letting me know she was in a city near me and ended up coming up to the condo. We spent the evening drinking wine, laughing and catching up.  I did pass out probably before she even started the key in her car engine to leave.

sip #2
Saturday AM - Troy got us breakfast and we watched Serena win Wimbledon. YAY!
I'm not a huge tennis (any sports) fan but Troy LOVES himself some Serena. He was stressed watching the match and I (surprisingly) actually enjoyed watching the match. Troy and I had watched a documentary on the Williams sisters about a month ago so I think that made me even more interested in wanting Serena to win.

sip #3
Saturday I had planned to stay on the couch all day, eat left over pizza and watch tv. Alas, that didn't happen. I ended up getting a pedicure (Troy's treat - and much needed) and I ran one errand. When I got back home and claimed my spot on the couch to watch shark week then Troy let me know his mom was going to stop by. We ended up ordering take-out, drinking more wine and watching tv.

sip #4
Last week I didn't get to do my Friday Five but there were lots of highlights - including lunch with my boo-thang Jenn, My co-worker accidentally sending a group text message to everyone (including my manager) that sounds like he's looking for a new job (LOL!), and I got a response from my "meeting" that I've been waiting on. Not a good response but hearing something has lessened my anxiety just a notch.

sip #5
And because it's Monday...

How was your weekend?

Did it go as planned?


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  1. Im glad you had a good weekend--lots of yummy drinks, and good company it sounds like!! Hopefully this week brings with it some good news, and an easy work situation! :) Love youuuuu

  2. Sounds like a really busy and exciting weekend! I have those days where I just want to decompress but then tons of events come up! I usually enjoy it though and by the end of the day am glad to have been productive.

  3. I loved that Serena won - usually I don't root for her, but when it comes to her making history I'll always want her to win! Glad you had a great weekend and got a pedicure!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. It's nice to get to see friends even if you were planning on going to sleep!

    OMG on your coworker's group text. DUH.

  5. hahaha that first ecard. CAFFEINE please!

  6. This post made me chuckle! :D Thanks for that! I have a link-up going today through Wednesday.. you should stop by and share a post!

  7. sorry, forgot to include a link!

  8. Haha decaf coffee never! I love that Minon E card too!

  9. I found your page on #heymomma ! sip #5. ha! yes!