Monday, July 27, 2015



This weekend has been pleasantly uneventful. **thank goodness***

After work I picked up some chick fil a and parked myself on the couch. Finished up Sons of Anarchy and then watched 2 episodes of True Detective. I'm not sold yet...

FINALLY a beautiful weather day. I couldn't get of bed and into my swimsuit quick enough.
After swimming, sunning and snoozing, I headed to my mom's house to walk and feed Sammie while she was away.
Finished the day up grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning.
Shopping at the grocery store at 10pm was quite nice. I could take my time, no long lines and no bumping into anyone's cart.

After some errands I put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool for day #2 of beautiful sunshiney day!

After the pool I decided to do some thing out of the ordinary - I cooked!

I made some egg-muffins for the week. 
Just eggs, cheese, ham, tomatos, red and green peppers. Backed for 20 mins at 375 
Hopefully having these handy will curve my desire (and save me some money) of going to Dunkin Donuts each morning...not that I do go every morning...but I go too frequently.

After those baked I threw this into the oven: Pepper Jack Cheese Chicken
Recipe via: Prepared Housewives
Super easy to make (right up my alley) and tasty.

And since I was on a roll I went ahead and did some snack bags for the week:

Makes life easy to just open the fridge and grab one of these snacks. And hopefully with these handy I'll skip all the junk food that I typically grab...we'll see!

Finished the weekend with my feet up on the table and a beer! I'll be spending everyday this week wishing it was the weekend!

That's it for my weekend!


Are you bored to tears?

How was you weekend?

What have you planned for the week?


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  1. Look at you meal prepping and everything for the week! I'm so proud of you!! :)
    I'm envious of those pool days, big time! I'm hurting for some suntan!

  2. Two days of pool time - go you!! Really great job with the snack bags for the week - it looks yummy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I spent all weekend at the pool.. it was glorious! Good job on those snack bags!!

  4. Those snack bags!!! That's what I need to do! Great idea!