Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Apps I Can't Live Without

My background screen is of Cabo Mexico when Troy and I went. I need to look at it everyday because it takes me to a happy place!
I'm always curious to see what apps people swear by - so I thought today I'd share with you my Top 5:

{ONE} Mint
This is a great app to see all your accounts in one place. You can see all the money coming in, going out, bill reminder, etc. 
I especially like the pie chart that you get that shows you how your money is being spent. It puts it all in perspective - especially when you have a month where you spent $500 on food, groceries and restaurants....whoopsie!

{TWO} Passible
I LOVE this app. I can never remember my password to anything. And apparently using "password1234" is frowned upon. This app I only have to remember a pin number and I can save all my other passwords within this app. 

{THREE} A Beautiful Mess
This is the app I use to edit my photos on my phone. I like the collages, the doodles, the word overlays. It's so easy to use (and cute!). 

{FOUR} Park Mobile
I use a lot of apps for work but this one is a TIME SAVER. I spend a few days a month in Washington DC and if you don't know - there's no such thing as free parking anywhere! This app is connected to my credit card and my license plate so instead of digging around for quarters I open this app, type in the "zone" I'm in and go on with my day.  Oh, and I expense all my parking at the end of the month since the app sends you a receipt. 

{FIVE} Songza
This is my music app. What I really like is that there's a "concierge" when you first open the app and it gives you six options to choose from depending on the time of day. Example: Open it Sunday evening and it'll say something like "Play Music for Watching the Sunset" or "Working Out" or "Today's Biggest Hits." 
It's awesome and has rarely let me down. I use it every time I go for my walk/run or if I need to play music when I have guest over.

What are some apps you swear by?

Have you used any of the ones from above?

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  1. i love reading about fav apps! i haven't used any of yours but i'm interested in the photo editing app so i'll be checking that out :)

    mine are:
    1) listonic. best grocery shopping app ever. you can add users (so both/all of you see what's on the list; all updates are live etc), you can access via your computer.

    2) stocard - all of those reward cards cluttering up your wallet? use stocard to store them :)

    3) IF - small program/scripts that you can create or reuse (from others who have created) to auto-launch functionality ie. "once you leave your house, turn off wifi and switch to data" or "as soon as i leave the office, send spouse email that i'm leaving"...that sort of thing. it's awesome

  2. So with you on songza and mint! Love them both. Especially songza when I really don't want to work out! They have a hilarious channel called fratboy rap or something like that!

  3. You just introduced me to 3 new apps that I think I need to have!

  4. Passible needs to be downloaded by me immediately! I can never remember my passwords either!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. How loud will you gasp if I told you I don't own a cell phone? I think people much believe I live in the stone age. :)

  6. Great post ! I love instagram app ! :)
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  7. I'm always looking for good apps - especially photo editing apps - I'll have to check out A Beautiful Mess!

  8. Thanks for sharing about these apps! I will check them out!

  9. I am app stupid so this list of yours is so helpful! I'm really into that music app, is it free? I use my Amazon Prime music and I <3 Radio app. Hmmm....I don't think I use any other "helpful apps" I guess I consider my music app helpful because it pushes me on my run! I do the Ibotta & Checkout 51 to earn some scrilla. Yeah I'm boring. Geez!

  10. You just introduced me to some apps that am gonna download now..

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