Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New WIP: Granny Square Blanket

Mama's gotta a brand new W.I.P.!

Granny Squares:

I love granny square blankets but believe it or not - I don't have a multi-colored of my own!
I'm trying to be open with the color choices for myself. I'm including colors that I get me a little uncomfortable - specifically: Orange, Green, and Yellow.

When I make stuff for myself I usually go with pinks, purples, reds, gray, etc.  

So this will be different for me.

I'm also using Michael's brand yarn (Impeccable) which is fairly inexpensive.

my set-up
I got like 20 skeins of yarn to use for my grannies. Some old yarn from previous projects and some (about half) new skeins I couldn't resist during the 4 for $10 sale.

I'm thinking my color combos are a bit ugly-cute?

I'll probably combine all the squares with cream color yarn. I think that'll pair nicely with all these dark colors.

What are you working on this week?

Do you love Granny Squares?

Are these colors ugly-cute together?


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  1. I think your granny squares look great. Right now I'm still working on my scrappy patchwork blanket, and I've also started a plastic canvas pill bottle cover. Have a good day. :)

  2. Your granny square blanket is going to be really pretty. I love your colorful squares!

  3. Good for you for going out of your comfort zone on this one with the colors :)

  4. I LOVE the bright colors! it's going to be so beautiful coming together....
    I need to learn how to do a granny square.

  5. You are seriously so crafty girl! Love that you tried some new colors, they look great too!
    <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. It's going to be terrific! I recently made a blanket with lots of color and also forced myself to use 'ugly' colors. And the result is fabulous. The ugly colors seem to lift up the beautiful colors so that they shine even brighter.
    Good luck with your granny squares, I'm looking forward to see it when it's finished!

  7. I LOVE the colors... yes, they are "ugly-cute together. I think joining them with a cream border will be WONDERFUL. I know what you mean about getting out of your "color" comfort zone! You really scored with the sale on yarn!!

  8. Oh man we are covered in those down here. My grandma's house is full of them!