Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome to Friday!!!

Favorite Friday Song - The Weeknd "I Can't Feel My Face"
She told me, "Don't worry about it"
She told me, "Don't worry no more"
We both know we can't go without it
She told me you'll never be in love, oh, oh, woo
I can't feel my face when I'm with you
But I love it, but I love it, oh...

Speaking of  ... Favorite internet clip of the week:
Did you see Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande sing it as Celine Dion and Sting?
I actually thought she was spot on with every impression.

 Favorite "WTH" moment:
Once a month for my job we all come into the office to do "Pagination". 
Mind you two of my co-workers have already quit (one in April the other one in August) and I'm on my "2 weeks notice" track so that just leaves one other sales person (plus the manager and the AA). We were all suppose to be at the office at 8:30am (that's normal). Come 9:40am the manager asks "Has anyone heard from Employee A?" <-- the other sales person on my "team". The AA and I say "no" and I asked him if she's called him. He says no, but he's called her twice with no answer.  A few minutes later he asked me to look up the number to where her fiancĂ© works. I do. Give it to him and he calls. Long story short the fiancĂ© calls back about 3 minutes later to "call out"for his girlfriend (employee A) for whatever reason. 
NEVER in my professional career have I ever heard of a boyfriend call out sick for a girlfriend. Never. I can't even believe that worked! And on top of that calling out over an hour of when you're suppose to start. AND on a day you only have to do once a month. I. Just. Can't.

 Favorite "trying to get my 10,000" in:
I've been super slacking on getting my steps in this week (granted - I've been sick all week with body aches, coughing, and congestion) but I got in two walks this week that I really enjoyed! On Wednesday Linda and I walked from the office, around the lake and back to the office (4 miles in total):
Mr. Turtle enjoying the sun too
On Thursday, I got to swing by my mom's house during lunch and walk with Sammie for 2.5 miles. It was just gorgeous out.

 Favorite - I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!
And it was free (so it tasted EXTRA yummy).

What are some of your favorites this week?

Any plans for the weekend?

Can you feel your face?


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  1. ok so i heard The Weekend's song for the first time about 2wks ago (i know, late to the party but i never listen to the radio) and i'm sick of it already because the damn radio played it eleventy billion times that day!

  2. Your work situation....what??? I bet if you had done that they would have flipped out. So stupid. I don't understand people.
    Do you know what the Can't Feel My Face song is about? My SIL told me--it's about being addicted to cocaine! I still like the song because it's catchy, but I had noooooo idea.
    Hope you have a good weekend--more pretty weather coming this weekend :)

  3. Mmm that pumpkin latte sounds delicious! Even better at that price! ;)

  4. We both had the weekend songs - LOVE! OK I think I need a PSL today! Hope you have a fab weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Ok, just wow to that work situation. Although oddly enough my husband's coworker had her mom call her out sick one day when she was "too hung over". She got fired a few weeks later. Ridiculous! And Ariana Grande totally kills her impressions. Love it!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. I have no words for your co-worker! Who the heck does that? That is so unprofessional. Wow, just wow. I do admit that I have called my twin sister out for work but that was only because she was very very ill and in ICU. I also made sure to get doctors note for her office. As soon as she was able to, she called the office herself to explain what was going on. Have a great weekend.

  7. That Ariana Grande video is fantastic. She seriously KILLED it!

  8. I'm so glad you're getting out of that work situation - unfortunately I witnessed a similar "call out" a few years ago at my old job and all of our jaws dropped to the floor like Sebastian when Scuttle had to close it for him on The Little Mermaid.

    And Jimmy Fallon wins all the night time show prizes - could not love him more!

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. Free ALWAYS tastes better :)
    you work in the strangest place :) haha
    As DIVA as Ariana is, girl can SANG!

  10. Wow that is weird! haha. I love that song btw :D


  11. That is so weird. A person would have to be deathly sick not to call in themselves. What a cute picture of the turtle. I need to go on more walks myself! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  12. I totally need to try dunkin donuts pumpkin spice latte! Looks delicious! So jealous of your 80 degree weather. I wish Texas would get over this 98 degree stuff soon :) Have a great weekend!

    Alexis @

  13. Jimmy Fallon is so wonderful!!!! I cracked up watching that episode. Epic fail for me....not charged my fitbit in 2 friggin weeks. However, i have got 10 miles in this week. So a little yay there. Iove that Shepherd!!! Feel better.

  14. I finally heard that "can't hear my face" song the other day. Hilarious. And you gotta love DD!

  15. We also found a minute or two to get outside this past week, hoping for the same this week. Not sure what you mean, but I can totally feel my face today. My hair is black again, that's a good start for me!

  16. Congrats on your last day of work! Can't wait to see you kill it with your new job! xoxo