Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals (and September re-cap)

October is here. Already! Ugh.
Soon it'll be 2016!!

September just flew right by me. Time really does go by faster the older you get!
I did manage to accomplish some of my goals for September but not all 5.

1. ACTUALLY TAKE A VACATION - I did it! Woo-hoo. I spent September 23rd-October 4th in Florida. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to go and spend time with my family and take a break from "normal" life. 
2. PUT MONEY INTO SAVINGS ACCOUNT -Yes! I did manage this. I did have to pull some back out but I put in my max goal and I'm sure this will be a great help in the future.
3. PAY MY LAST BILLS FOR MY ACL SURGERY -Yes! I did this one too. My last surgery bill off my back. Thank goodness!

1. WALK AT LEAST 3x A WEEK - whomp whomp. I didn't manage this. I think I pulled my achilles so it was so painful to walk/run.
2. SNACK/MEAL PREP 2 WEEKS OUT OF THE nope. Life. I ended out eating out a lot of lunches my last week of work. Saying "goodbye" and having last lunches.

1. MAKE MY WALK GOAL 5X A WEEK: that's just 10,000 steps for 5 days each week. It sounds simple but I haven't been able to do this ... consistently ... yet. 
2. BE A SPONGE: I start my new job next week and I want to learn everything I can. Sometimes starting a new job you want to start "doing" asap and I want to take the time to absorb as much as I can before I'm propelled out on my own.
3. SAVE MONEY: I know this is a repeat but I get one more commission check from my previous job and I NEEEEEED to save a huge chunk of it so I can have something to fall back on the next few months justincase. 
4. PUT OUT AT LEAST ONE FALL-ISH DECORATION: I own no fall decorations therefore I have NEVER decorated for the Fall. Seeing that this is my first year owning my home I think it's about time I put out a decoration. 
5. TRY TWO NEW RECIPES THIS MONTH: I really need to cook more so that I spend less on eating out. I have one pasta dish in mind that I want to try to make and I'm sure I'll find something on Pinterest to make.

Again - just five goals for the month.
I think these goals are pretty attainable.

What are some of your goals for this month?


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  1. You got this girl!! Don't worry about not keeping to the meal prep thing--it's hard when you're leaving a job and you go out for lunch. You can't be like "no I prepped my meal today"--I definitely don't blame you on that one :)
    Can't wait to hear about your awesome new job when it starts!!

  2. i got one word for you: CROCKPOT. so incredible. i love mine so much!! throw everything in, turn it on, leave and you got yourself a hot meal when you get home. just make extra and now you have lunch!!

  3. I can't believe it's already October! I keep thinking it's still 2014 :-P

    Awesome goals gurlie, you've got this!

    Green Fashionista

  4. Great job on your September goals! I literally paused when I read that bit about it being almost 2016. How is that possible?!? My goal for this month is to run once a week (I'm so not a runner but I want to be) and to post a decorating tip every day on my blog.

  5. I need to try that recipe one... desperately.

  6. I'll slow clap anyone who put money in their savings account AND went on a vacation. Go you!!! That's awesome.

  7. Starting a new job is always much information coming at you in the first few weeks! xo, Biana

  8. Congrats on completing 3 out of the 5 goals for September.... I don't even have any goals.... so, you're that much farther ahead then me!!!

  9. My goal is a pitiful 10 miles a week. Doubt I make it work but hey there's always hope! You'll do well this month!

  10. A great way to meet goals 3 and 5 is by cooking your lunch at home. I had to start doing that because Jeff and I were buying lunch almost every day. I treat myself to awesome food, like wild caught salmon, as a way to incentive me to cook at home and avoid eating out. I made the YUMMIEST Thai shrimp coconut soup last week - I'm definitely going to make that again (with leftovers for lunch!)