Friday, November 20, 2015



Today is my little sister's bday! 
This girl is 14! Man is the time going by way to fast for me!

She is such a sweet girl.  I sent her some books she wanted + one I thought she would like to celebrate:
I know it seems weird to send a 14 year old books but I SWEAR she wanted them. I just threw in the Supernatural book since her and her friends dressed up as Sam, Dean and Castiel for halloween.

I went to the gym this week...TWICE!
Apparently I hadn't been since January. Can you believe that?

I intended on joining a GoPerformance because they look like they had awesome classes or Orangetheory  but I didn't like the time slots they have available (too early). Plus I'm not ready to commit to a gym that charges over $100 for 8 classes or $149 for a month because I'm cheap. I'll just to my $10 a month membership.

It's been a major Rebox week for Troy and I. We watched a movie (sometimes two) every night. Nothing that really blew me away but it was nice to have that QT with Troy.

Did I tell you that I'm studying for my WV real estate license? I had my MD one about 10 years ago but it has since expired so I'm starting all over again. I'm SUPPOSE to be studying 4 chapters every two weeks. Of course I'm behind and I have a class on Monday where we start chapter 5. As you can imagine I'll be reading reading studying studying this weekend! 

When you talk to your old co-worker (now really good friend) about the stupid shit the manager is still doing (on a whole new team mind you):

Reading all this Charlie Sheen articles wonder - WTF was he thinking?! 

There's now GMO salmon approved for folks to buy and eat (and it wont be marked differently from the farm fresh)

Hunger Games is out! I need to get with my mom and go see this ASAP! 

Knowing I need to come home and finish my chapters for Monday but will probably want to drink wine and netflix all night:

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to your little sister! What a sweet snapshot of you two! I have that Hidden Mickey book and really need to put it to better use during one of our trips - so fun! Have a beautiful weekend ahead, Trish! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Good luck with the studying this weekend!! I would totally want to say Eff it too! haha. Good for you for getting to the gym twice this week. Keep it up!
    I heard on the news that they will be putting a sticker/label on the GMO salmon--at least I think I heard that!

  3. I love your sister wants books... thats my kinda girl!!!! She's going places.
    I'm the same way about Charlie Sheen.

  4. Happy Birthday to your little sister! Love that picture of you girls! Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. ew studying!!! man, i'm so glad i'm out of school and have never gone back.

    your gym has purple equipment!!! that's actually pretty awesome ;)

  6. I cannot wait to go see the last Hunger Games movie! I re-read the book recently to refresh myself on all the detail. Yay for going for your real estate license - good luck gurlie and Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Happy birthday to your little sister!! The books are a great gift!

  8. Ugh... Charlie Sheen is just gross... and not even because of this most recent revelation... he's just gross PERIOD to me!!! lol

  9. Charlie definitely doesn't make good decisions ... that's for sure.

    Happy (belated) birthday to your little sis!!!

    Good job on the gym, heaven knows it's hard to stay motivated on it.