Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Monday

Hola Ladies!
How was your weekend?
I'm looking forward to starting my "weekend" tomorrow.
With all my training my schedule has been a bit wacky and this week it's back to normal (for now).

This weekend was pretty low key. Friday I was off, so I spent the day netflix binging. I decided a couple weeks ago to start watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning.
I'm on season 4 and the show still makes me laugh all these years later. Do you realize this show started in 2000?!  Wow. We. Old.

I also had to spend the day icing my knee - on Thursday night while leaving work I decided to introduce both my knees to the concrete outside of my model. It's SO dark when I leave work and I missed the curb somehow and landed on all fours.

I always see Jenn ordering such cute things on Zuiliy so my curiosity got the best of me and when I just went to "look" I ended up ordering two pairs of shoes:

They came Friday and both are comfortable. Now I just need a comfortable pair of black pumps then I'll be all good...for now...

So, remember my post from Wednesday? I have since painted my nails again and they chopped the next day. So I decided I wanted to treat myself to this:
I KNOW. I'm suppose to be saving money on my nails. This kit cost $50. So far I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I wrapped it up with wine, a homemade dinner and a new book!

The weekend was pretty dull. I'm thinking I need to get a life!

How was yours?

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  1. Your nails looks awesome!!! Yay for finding shoes that you love--isn't Zulily awesome? So many random finds :)
    Sorry about your spill outside of work (although I do love how you described it--it made me laugh)--hope you're on the mend now!

  2. Your nails look great!! Love that color! You did a great job on them.

  3. I love a good at home manicure - I gave one to myself yesterday I use CND polish and it lasts about a week with no chips so that's good!! Happy Monday! ox, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Your nails look great! I haven't bought one of of those kits yet, so let me know how long the mani lasts! Also those shoes are too cute. I especially love the lattice pair.

  5. If I start watching Gilmore Girls I know I won't stop for at least a season or two!!

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

  6. Hope your knee feels better! Gilmore Girls is such a great show as well :) Have a great Monday dear :D


  7. You'll have to say how long the nails last - they look great!!!
    Hope your knee is OK - nothing worse then a bad knee - I know!
    I'm watching Gilmore girls for the first time & getting ready to head into season 2 :)

  8. Love Gilmore Girls! I plan to restart it once I finish friends haha!

  9. I love those shoes!!! Gilmore Girls...I remember it but never watched it. What are you reading?

  10. I really want that sally Hansen gel kit! Your nails look so pretty. Lover those boots you also posted. My weekend was good - I got to spend it in Philly :)

    Lots of love,
    Kayla’s Xx

  11. i would LOVE a gel manicure kit thing but i'm scared of the UV thingy. mostly, i'm afraid that it'll make my hands wrinkly after repeated use :(