Monday, February 6, 2017

Caron Cake Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Caron Cakes were all the rage a few months ago -- are they still a popular thing?

I picked up about 5 skeins of the Faerie Cake and have been slowly adding rows to this beauty:

My original idea was to do a Trip Around The World Blanket but as I got a few rounds into I decided -- It was UGLY! 

Look see for yourself:

Not cute right?

So I unraveled and started again:

And every time I get a spare moment I do a few loops whenever I can.

It is a really enjoyable blanket to make. I know I'll be sad whenever this project comes to an end.


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  1. I just bought 2 skeins of that yarn myself... but wait, is it workout out that the squares match the yarn - like one square is the same color & then moves on to the next color with the next square? ... is there a pattern for this? I'm all curious. It's so beautiful.

  2. Where did you find the pattern for the larger squares? I am wanting to do this same blanket with the caron cakes I have purchased, but don't know the multiples I need for the row and haven't been able to find a pattern anywhere.

    1. Hi! It's a pattern I purchased from Knitpicks called "the squared away throw"

  3. Thank you, for sharing where the pattern came from! I've been searching online for 2 days for "tunisian", "entrelac", and never once came across knitpicks website. Again, thank you.
    Did you ever finish your project?

  4. Hi, you inspired me to make this so I'm in progress with Caron Cakes in a different color. I've run into an issue though -- I'm onto the next row but the color hasn't changed yet and if I keep going, the colors from the last row will be the same as this current row... Did you cut to prevent this from happening?

    1. Hi! No I don’t cut. Some rows have repeat colors. Not perfect but that’s ok